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When we are confused or stuck, what do we do? We freeze. We shut down. Your student is no different and the college process can be confusing and overwhelming. It's not uncommon for the brightest students to procrastinate. It's also not uncommon for those same students to lock "horns" with their parents and caregivers because of the procrastination.

As a parent to six kids with six different personalities, I’ve been through it all and have come through on the other side with five kids who will graduate with a college degree debt free. I'm also an adjunct professor teaching public speaking and interpersonal communications and I'm passionate about helping students and their families navigate the college process.

My team and I are here to help you and your student understand different pathways to college, create a personalized roadmap to figure out what schools are a right fit, how to maximize visits, apply to and get into their dream schools and win scholarships and grants. 

We unpack the college application process so your student can pursue their dreams. 

What to expect from our call:

  • Tailored information to your student.

  • Two action steps you and your student can take after the call to move forward.

  • Walk you through the personal inventory (your student can complete after call).

  • Suggested next steps. This will depend on the year of your student and their goals.

  • What our clients are saying

    "My son and I were fighting all the time about staring his applications. I didn't realize he was overwhelmed. Heather's resources informed me and empowered my son. Just dropped him off at college and looking at a zero balance on this account. Best investment made."


    "Sad to say my two oldest graduated from college with loads of student debt. I heard about this program and contacted Heather. My daughter was a sophomore. She helped my daughter to put together a plan to build her HS resume and start applying for scholarships now. The confidence in my daughter is amazing and the doors for where she wants to go and to graduate debt free are now possible."


    "I learned more in my free 15 minute call than I did from ANY workshop I attended at the High School. Learning from a parent whose been there has been priceless."


    "Get the resources. They will minimize stress between you and your student AND give them what they need to apply and feel in control."